Jan 04, 2019 · California had passed its own pro-net neutrality act in September. Prior to this recent announcement by California Attorney General Xavier Becerra, the law had been scheduled to go into effect on

Apr 12, 2017 · The Internet Association, which represents more than three dozen companies including Google, Facebook, and Netflix, told Pai that it maintains “vigorous support” for the 2015 net neutrality Apr 17, 2020 · Senate voted Wednesday to reinstate Obama-era net neutrality rules that the Federal Communications Commission repealed last December. Facebook and Google Control 70 Percent of Web Traffic. Google, Facebook, Twitter to Feds: Man Up on Net Neutrality Amid the cacophony of reactions to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski's proposed internet openness rules, one However, the relative ubiquity of differentiation in Facebook's, Google's and Amazon's own markets may spell the end of their campaign for mandated neutrality for internet service providers. 2 days ago · When it comes to net neutrality, India has emerged as a regional leader of sorts, given its high-profile 2016 decision to stop Facebook from launching Free Basics and a 2017 Supreme Court decision

Network neutrality (also net neutrality, Internet neutrality) is a principle proposed for user access networks participating in the Internet that advocates no restrictions by Internet service providers and governments on content, sites, platforms, the kinds of equipment that may be attached, and the modes of communication.

Apr 21, 2020 · The Federal Communications Commission rejected calls from city governments requesting a comment filing extension for part of its net neutrality rollback, rebuking their effort to gain more time to Net Neutrality news and opinion. FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai conceded that 500,000 fake comments urging the death of the popular system came from Russian emails.

Net neutrality advocacy groups such as Save the Internet coalition and Battle for the Net responded to the 2015 FCC ruling by calling for defense of the new net neutrality rules. On March 12, 2015, the FCC released the specific details of its new net neutrality rules, and on April 13, 2015, the final rule was published.

On Oct. 1, 2019, a federal appeals court largely upheld the Trump FCC’s decision to destroy Net Neutrality. Rush an emergency donation so we can keep fighting.. Free Press is among the public-interest groups that sued the FCC in 2018 to overturn its dangerous decision. Net Neutrality. For a lot of people, the issue of network neutrality shouldn't be an issue at all, it should just be fact. The equal treatment of all internet traffic — subject to no throttling The open internet allows people of color and other vulnerable communities to bypass traditional media gatekeepers. Without Net Neutrality, ISPs could block speech and prevent dissident voices from speaking freely online. Without Net Neutrality, people of color would lose a vital platform.