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Dec 23, 2008 How to Improve uTorrent Share Ratio - Know About Life How to Improve uTorrent Share Ratio Whether attempting to be polite or needing to fulfil sharing obligations to various websites, keeping your sharing ratio at 1-to-1 or higher when using BitTorrent clients can be very important. It is considered bad form to do less than this and many Setting Ratio Groups in Rutorrent - Seedbox Review Feb 18, 2016

Apr 29, 2009 · The share ratio column shows the share ratio for a particular torrent. To see your overall share ratio, click Help>Show Statistics in uTorrent. Share ratio will not affect down speeds. Sharing while you are downloading does affect down speed.

How to Improve uTorrent Share Ratio - Know About Life

Not ethical but cheating torrent ratio can become inevitable under many circumstances as discussed earlier, We had shared utilities like Ratio Master, Tracker-Pro and GreedyTorrent to get the torrent ratio cheating done with ease, Torrent Faker is yet another constantly updated handy utility to get the bittorrent ratio spoofing done without hassle, unlike other torrent ratio

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