Jan 12, 2009

Turkey Loads - Natchez Remington Premier Magnum Copper-Plated Buffered Turkey 10 ga 3 1/2" 4 1/2 dr 2 1/4 oz #4 1210 fps - 10/box The Remington Premiere Magnum Copper-Plated Buffered Turkey line of slugs delivers an impressive combination of deep penetration, dense shot patterning, and range flexibility that no other turkey load on the market can offer. Remington Nitro Magnum 12 Ga 2.75" #2 Lead 1.5oz 25 rds These buffered lead loads consist of a charge packed with a generous amount of shock-absorbing polymer buffering surrounded by a patented Power Piston wad. The Power Piston wad is designed to protect the specially hardened shot all the way down the barrel thus providing a dense and even pattern with a uniform shot string. Remington® Premier® Magnum Copper-Plated Turkey Loads These loads carry more lead for denser patterns. 10 rounds per box. Available: 10 gauge, 12 gauge, 20 gauge.

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